My First Year in Running

I began my running in May, 2013. I did most of my initial training on a treadmill at a local fitness center. It was through my health insurance, that includes the SilverSneakers program, that I began to take an interest in running. I began at the age of 65 and used an app on my phone as a coach–NHS Podcasts C25k and a wonderful, virtual coach, “Laura”. I also connected with a wonderful group of runners, newbies like me, from the UK, on Facebook (C25k-ers). We give each other wonderful support and encouragement.

I ran my first 5k in March, 2014, and it was the best experience of my life. It has only been recent that I have actually begun to love running 5ks. Running is truly 90% mental and 10% physical. I had to stop comparing myself to other runners and only compete with myself. My new mantra is a quote from Theodore Roosevelt, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Apart from the physical benefits, running has helped me mentally. A lot of times I use it to block out the symptoms of PTSD; it has aided me in alleviating stress and anxiety, and my sleep has improved.

I have run the following 5ks:

Kelly Shamrock Run (Baltimore)
SARCC Steps to Survival
Color Run in Hershey PA to benefit Rett’s Syndrome
Children Affected with AIDS
Feeding Frenzy to benefit the Palmyra Area Caring Cupboard
1st Annual Health Care for the Homeless (Baltimore )
Run, Santa, Run for “Girls On the Run” (West Reading PA)

I also ran a 10k virtual challenge that my UK FB friends came up with. Since, I’m a slow runner, it took me 1:47:18 to complete it, but I did. I never aspired to do more than a 5k, but now I’ve proven that I can go the distance.

I’m living my dream.


One thought on “My First Year in Running

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