My Last Race of 2014 That Became a First

This past Saturday I ran my final 5k for 2014, a Santa run with 1200 Santas.

Now, I am a slow runner and have always been at the back of the pack to start a race because I don’t like being crowded in, and this time was no different. Since it was a shotgun start, I waited until I got to the “start” line to turn on my new Garmin GPS watch, mainly because I’m not in it to win it…I’m defeated before I even start. 😟

The course started out flat & fast, and then came the dreaded hill. I am a real weenie when it comes to hills. My pace became extremely slower, almost to a walk, but when I got to the top, downhill was worse. It is a lot easier going up than coming down. The run went through the neighborhoods of West Reading, PA–nice scenery and some well-wishers along the way. So, we’re (me and the other Santas) doing a nice easy run–I look at my watch and notice that my time is fairly good. Again, just hoping that I finish without having to be carried across the finish line (did I mention that I have COPD & asthma). Three-quarters of the way we have another steep hill…time to slow down because this hill is a “walk up only” for this runner. We get to the bottom and clear sailing back on flat land. I see the finish line way in the distance and pick up my pace. I get to the finish line and look at my watch vs their clock–5 minutes different. That’s okay since I know mine is more accurate.

The firsts:

I broke my last time by 3 minutes, with a 49:16 minute finish.

Much to my surprise, I placed 3rd in my age group and picked up my first
medal 🏆 that I wasn’t even trying to win.

Now, I can officially call myself a RUNNER 🏃👟🏃. For a 66 year old, overweight female with medical problems, I gained some new confidence and I immediately signed up for my first 5k of 2015 in January…”Chocolate Frosted Buns 5k.” Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and remember, “Love the run you got!”

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