The Iceman Cometh

As I sit here, in the warmth of my cozy bed, the wind is howling outside. The temperature is 7 degrees but it feels like -1.

This icy feeling weather has driven me from my beautiful trail to the boring treadmill.


When I first began running, I did all of my training on the “dreadmill”. I was self-conscious about letting people see me running outdoors for any number of reasons, the main one being that I run slow.


I actually began running outdoors before the sun came up, because by running in the dark, nobody could see me. Somewhere along the way, I started believing in myself, and my new mantra became, “You’re still lapping those who are still sitting on the couch.”

From that moment on, I began running in the daylight, and this frigid weather is killing me to be inside. My last run outside was on New Year’s Day. So, until the weather gets a few degrees warmer, I’ll continue to use the boring treadmill because I have a 5k the end of the month.


3 thoughts on “The Iceman Cometh

    1. I’m slow but it’s not about speed for me. I just love running the stress out of my system. That being said, I am gaining some speed. Refer to my blog “Running Under Pressure”. 😊👍

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