My last race

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Re-springing Your Step.”

My last race was a Santa run in December. It was a 5k and nothing out of the ordinary ( or so I thought.)

You need to understand that I am a slow runner. I run for the pure enjoyment. I run to support the cause. When I cross a finish line, I automatically assume that I am the last to finish. I don’t expect to win “bling.”

On this race day, I finished, had my time registered, and went on my way to get my picture taken. I didn’t even stck around to hear who won in the various age groups. I was cold, tired, and needed to get into the warmth of the running store that sponsored the race.

A few days later, I decided to check the online results and was surprised to discover that I took a third place medal for my age group (64-69). This gave me a new-found confidence and a great sense of accomplishment. Now, whenever I feel discouraged and want to hang up the running shoes, I think back to that day and how it made me feel to become a “winner”.

4 thoughts on “My last race

  1. Hi Ginny: I’ve just stumbled upon your blog following the Blogging 101 assignment for today. I’m from Spain, blogger since 2004 and a newbie runner too (I’m 56). I find your blog warm and encouraging. Well done! Go on with your 5ks. Hope you’ll run until you’re 100. Hugs!

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  2. Hey Ginny, congrats on being a winner! I started road biking when I was 47. I am 54 by now and started to blog on the subject 1 1/2 years ago. My goal is not gold but health. But I so much relate to your joy and surprise to be a winner. I guess you will be a winner as long as you run. Keep it up! – Oh, and here is my blog Cheers Georg


    1. Thanks, Georg. Every day I can get out and live a beautiful, fulfilling life, I consider myself a winner. I bought myself an inexpensive mountain bike last year so I can alternate between running and biking in the spring and summer. I have had some good benefits, physically, from working out, so that’s a big plus too. Cheers, Ginny

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