Wall to Wall

Today’s Daily Prompt is a challenge to describe what is on the walls of your room…any room. 

I chose my bedroom, or as I refer to it, ” my wo-man cave”. On my door I have a French memo board. This board is where I have all of the birthday and Valentine’s cards sent to me, over a 15-year period, from my significant other. These are interspersed with pictures of us. I also have some pictures of him from his younger years. I have so much stuff jammed under the ribbons that I really should consider purchasing a bigger board.

I also have a wall dedicated to my love of the “Fighting Irish” football team with pictures, posters, signs,etc. I have a shelf that displays an actual brick from the old stadium, autographed by two players.

I also have a wall dedicated to my love of baseball. Displayed is a poster-sized picture of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers, a long with a personally autographed picture of my favorite, all-time Dodger, Sandy Koufax, which I got at a card show back in the 1980’s. I also have a framed letter, written to me, from former Phillies third baseman, Mike Schmidt.

I am a sports fan and my walls tell the story. The only team that I haven’t begun a wall for is the Duke Blue Devils basketball team.

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