Two-Month Goal Assessment

We’re almost 2 months into 2015, and I thought that I would take a short assessment of where I am with the goals I set for myself. They are:

Interval training to improve my speed – Although my speed has not improved, I have improved my distance. Unfortunately, the sub-32 degree temps have forced me to take my running indoors. However, I discovered that the local YMCA has treadmills that have some great workouts on. Also, they have a “no sweat” function called a “fan.” I have been logging between 17-20 miles a week on the TM.                          


Running races every 4-6 weeks to get me involved with other runners – I have 3 races scheduled…one in March and two in April. I am invited to participate in a St. Patty’s Day “Pub Run” that is sponsored by the running store where I buy my gear. It’s a night time trail run that ends at a local drinking hole 🍻. Although I don’t drink, I am seriously entertaining it. 

Finding a running club, again to meet other runners of the same ability – The same store, along with Brooks Running, is sponsoring a fun run, where you are placed in groups with others who run the same pace. You don’t need to pre-register, which is great because of our unpredictable weather. The other perk of the run is you get to try out the new spring line of running shoes. Of course, being the shoe whore I am, I already purchased a pair of new Ghosts.

 Eat healthier – I have been eating healthier. I got on the scale yesterday and have lost 3 pounds since Christmas.

On the whole, I am pretty pleased with what I’ve done this early on. I am considering taking a meditation class at the “Y” and I need to get more serious about pre- and post-run stretching.

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