Spring…A Time for New Beginnings

I am so glad that winter is behind us, and I can begin running outdoors again. I love seeing flower bulbs start popping through the once frozen ground. That tells me that the warmer weather is right around the corner.

Yesterday,on a long run through a city cemetery, I was running the perimeter when two deer came out of a wooded area. I was about 30 feet away…what a glorious site…another confirmation that spring has sprung! It was truly a “Kodak moment.”

Some new beginnings for me include working with a trainer for upper body/core training, 2 times a week. Also, I added a new goal–do more stretching before and after a run.

My first pub run was fun, and I had a good time connecting with other runners. It also helped me break the ice about running with a group. I’m pretty much of a loner, maybe an introvert, when it comes to running. I lack self-confidence in that area. so, maybe participating in more group runs is something I need to consider.

So, my main focus this week is stretching.

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