Summer Racing Began With a Boom!!

After having been shackled to the “dreadmill” for the past 5 months, I did my first 5k of the season yesterday. My hard work over the past 2 years of working out with a trainer, running some new and challenging routes, and watching my diet, has started to pay off. I’ve dropped 30 pounds. Becoming ‘lighter’ has allowed me to run faster and longer. I came home with some 2nd place bling for my age group yesterday and also met a local running legend, who is 95 years young. Since he was the only runner in his age group (70 & over) he won a 1st place medal. He told me he began running at the age of 58 and has completed 5 marathons and numerous HMs. He’s a cancer survivor and he had a hip replacement last year. All I could say was, “WOW!” Now he only does 5ks and prefers trail running. I came in at a time of 48 min and he came in with 51 min. I waited for him and joined him at the finish line so I could run in with him. We also ran for a good cause–the Salvation Army.

Al Booth & Me

We discovered that we’re both running a 5k together this coming Saturday.

It’s great to be running outdoors again and back on the racing circuit.

Sidenote: When I told my 93 year-old mother about him, she asked me if he’s married. I guess you’re never to old to keep looking..😊

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