Playing the “Weight-ing” Game

A few weeks I added weight and strength training to my training program. I have always wanted to learn how to use the machines and the weights at my gym. I bit the bullet and opened my wallet to hire a personal trainer.

He and I are very well suited…he allows me to verbally abuse him when he pushes me further than I think I can go. It just shows that he’s doing his job. He doesn’t mind me referring to him as Dr. Pain or my Personal Drainer and a few other choice words (use your imagination.) 

Chris & Me

I’m using parts of my body that probably haven’t moved in years. The first few weeks I was in pain but now I am loving the effects of the training….dropped a size in clothing and could move out of the BIG girls section to the Misses…fat turning to muscle. I have strength in my shoulders and can now pick up and hold my flute (I couldn’t before due to weakness from rotator cuff surgery).

He has taken me to new heights and next week we are going to begin a new phase with my new pair of gloves…My work mates are already calling me “Boom Boom”…I can’t wait to hit the heavy bag. I am loving weight training…I don’t know why I “weighted” so long.

Stay tuned for more progress reports.

Boxing gloves

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