Four-Month Goal Assessment 

Looking back at my goals that I set for myself for 2015, I’m pretty pleased with myself:

Races – I’ve been consistent with running an average of running one at least every 4-6 weeks. I ran back to back runs in April and took a second place medal in my age group in both those races. My next race is the end of May and that’s a fun run 5k for Girls On the Run Berks County. Then, at the end of June it’s a 5k, Spirit of Gettysburg. This one is a time-limited run, so my time needs to improve by about 2 minutes, but I know I can do it.

Training – I’ve begun running naked (no music…leaving the iPod at home) and it has been great. I have been focusing on running form (I’m a slouch by nature). I’ve straightened up, shoulders back, and swinging arms front & back, not sideways. Not only has it improved my stamina, but my back is not hurting anymore. I also discovered that the foot pain I was having was not in the metatarsal, but in the arch, so I began wearing a plantar fasciitis sleeve and no more pain. That being said, I’ve begun running longer distances on training runs (5 miles has been the longest.) 

   I began strength/core training with a personal trainer, Chris Doney aka Dr. Pain at Anytime Fitness Cleona. I love the way he pushes me beyond anything I ever thought I could do, and I love it! Recently, we added boxing to the program. It’s a great upper body and shoulder workout. I even bought pink gloves.  


    I’m also going to add some pool jogging, once we open the pool for summer. I bought some water shoes and plan on getting some ankle weights.

Eating Healthy – That’s a continuing struggle..and that’s all I can say at the moment.

 Finding a running club, again to meet other runners of the same ability – I think I’m going to be participating in some weekly “run-outs” that is sponsored by my running store, A Running Start out of West Reading, PA. I also plan on signing up for their fall running clinic.

I’m pretty comfortable with where I am with my fitness goals.

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