One of my best runs yet 

Yesterday I got awake earlier than I wanted. The morning light  was just breaking through. So, I decided that since I didn’t need to put on my “light” gear, I’d go for an early morning run. 

Usually I have a pre-planned route, but I decided to go rogue. I’m a slow runner, and lately I’ve been running with a purpose to improve my form and taking no iPod with me. I decided that I needed some music, so iPod in hand (literally…I have an Ami-Pod case that is handheld), put the music on, no playlist, and just took off with my phone, iPod and Garmin. My run took me from the north side of the city to the south side. I had to wait for one train…(Reminder to self; next time go by way of the overhead bridge.) I added some inclines.

 An hour and a half later I checked the Garmin and discovered that I ran (no walking) 5.6 miles. Sure I was tiring but not exhausted. I felt a great sense of accomplishment.

Returned home and it felt so good to ice my feet with my IcyFeet .

me & my IcyFeet

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