Hard Work = Small Victories

Since catching the “running bug”, my initial goal was to run continuously for 30 minutes (no walking). I thought that was a big deal, especially for someone who is overweight, lazy by nature, and old (67 😊).

Well, my running goal for this year is to run a 10k. But in order to do that I needed to quit babying myself with the old excuses (you can’t because you are too fat, have COPD & can’t breathe, no stamina, etc.) So, I made some decisions to prove myself wrong.

I began increasing my distance while still running a slow pace. It’s all about endurance, not speed.  This gave me the chance to focus on my form, stance, and breath control. Next, I signed on with a personal trainer, Chris Doney. He has helped me get stronger legs; the calves were always strong, but I needed strength in the quads, because they are really the part that moves the leg. I also needed strength in my shoulders in order to swing my arms back & forth and not side to side. I love training even though he puts me through what I think is impossible (it isn’t). 

All this has led me to proudly say that I can completely run non-stop for more than 60 minutes (2X my initial goal). I have also been running hills, albeit slow. In fact, I know I’m ready to do a 10k, judging by my time & distance for the past few weeks. Yesterday’s stats proved that too me.


I have three 5ks scheduled between now and the middle of June. After that I will continue my current training program and perhaps add intervals for speed training. 

As a recovered addict, I live the motto, “One day at a time” and paraphrase it to “One step at a time.”

As the title says, “Hard work equals small victories.” 

I now officially proclaim myself a runner!!

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