My best run yet…

Saturday, I had the opportunity to do run a 5k for Girls On The Run. I was really worried because I was told there were quite a few hills, and I have only begun adding hills on my daily runs.

It was held on the campus of Alvernia University in Reading PA. It’s a beautiful campus. The run began with one loop around the track (which I did not like, since I never ran on a man-made track). Out of the gate came hill #1—no big deal, I ran up it easily. The course covered all kinds of terrain—man-made track, gravel, macadam, and grass. While, I train mainly on pavement (cement) and also gravel, I really didn’t have too bad a time. I was wishing that I had worn my trail shoes (next time). About 2 miles into the run came the turnaround. It was after the turnaround that the killer hill came (I named it Hell’s Hill). It was steeper than the steepest city hill that I can do. But, I did it, very slowly (but no walking.) After that it was all ‘downhill’ and back into the stadium, where each runner received a finisher’s medal at the finish line.

Now, the reason I said it was my best run yet is because it is the first run in almost 2 years of running that I did not do any walking. This was my test run for that goal, which I have only begun doing in the past month.

This was the day that I declared myself a RUNNER. I used one of my mantras to carry me through, “Lord, I didn’t come this far to walk.”11406741_850680421690881_1462399030098461028_o

2 thoughts on “My best run yet…

    1. Thank you. Having COPD, I have worked hard for this day of where I did not have to walk a race. I’m a “slowie”‘ and once I stopped comparing myself with others, I began to enjoy myself and I now run for the pure enjoyment and against myself.

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