Too Much Flora and Not Enough Fauna

This past weekend, I re-lived my 2 weekends from hell that occurred a year ago.

A year ago, I did my first Color Run, which was on a professional cross-country course. Suffice it to say, it was not the Happiest 5K as advertised in their promotional materials.

The following week I did a 5k, which I signed up for as a “last minute” thing. The evening before this race I spent time in the Emergency Room with an asthma attack. I probably should not have even attempted to run this particular race. However, being the stubborn (PA) Dutchman that I am, I would rather try to do something rather than give in to “weakness’. The result was that I ended up walking the entire race, wheezing and coughing, and was so far behind that the EMT’s began coming to look for me. However, I did finish—dead last.

I vowed never to do back-to-back 5ks ever again. I’ve been pretty good about not breaking that vow, with maybe 1 or 2 exceptions, until this weekend.

Last weekend, I did the Girls On the Run Fun 5k, which was almost as bad as last year’s Color Run, but much more enjoyable because it was a nice mix of terrain (not all grass and trail). I felt good about it because I did run the entire run.

Yesterday, I did a 5k trail run, which was horrible. The reason I did it was because my niece wanted to do something nice for me because I am always paying for her to do runs with me.

I do run local trails that have never bothered me physically. Our local trails are tree-lined, no floral element. The trail yesterday was fine until the scent of honeysuckle wafted through the trees. I am highly sensitive to floral scents, and needless to say, that was when I knew I was in trouble. The hay fever kicked in—sneezing, wheezing, and watery eyes., in addition to a migraine kicking in.  I learned how to do “snot shots” fast.

Instead of turning back, I decided to complete this race because I’m not a quitter. I finished last but still came in under 55 minutes—not my best, but not my worst. I even told the girls at the check-in table that I would probably finish last. The race I described above took me over an hour to complete.

Yes, it was déjà vu all over again.

The lessons I learned are:

  1.  I cannot do 2 races in a row.
  2. I do much better on road races (because that is what I train on) than on the trail.

I told my co-workers if they ever hear me talking about doing back-to-back runs, they have my permission to kick me and remind me of the vow I made a year ago.

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