Got My Mojo Back

I am so happy that I came up with a Race Day plan for yesterday’s Spirit of Gettysburg 5k. It worked out as planned. 

The course was not as easy as I was made to believe. Lesson learned: Don’t ever listen to a non-runner friend. What they consider flat is not what a runner considers flat. The course was about 40% flat and the remainder was rolling hills (even on turns). The hills slowed me down but I still made good time.

I kept myself focused on ME. I kept my cool and decided to let the chips fall where they may. Having the cheering support of the crowd helped. Also, knowing that I was running through country where Union soldiers once marched into battle was awe-inspiring. I felt like I was one of them. The course followed the first day of the battle at Gettysburg. 

I took the course at a comfortable speed and I did do some intervals on the flats. I was glad to see the finish line, and I was glad that it was a chip-timed run. There was a wheel-chair run before the road runners and there were two wheelchair racers.

WheelchairWith the enthusiasm of the bystanders, along the course, and the wonderful runner/peer support at the finish line, it reinstated my faith in myself.

What I learned from this race:

  • “I may be slow, but I AM A RUNNER!”
  • I need to continue to do what I am doing.
  • I need to begin doing interval training to improve my time (but have fun at the same time.)

How I was brilliant:

  • Although, I run slow, I ran steady. I made up time on the flats.
  • I shaved about 1.5 minutes off of my normal run pace time and that proved to me that I can run fast when I want to.

What would I change about yesterday’s race:


I think this picture tells it all.

Spirit of Gettysburg Run (2)

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