New record set

Still feeling a runner’s high from last weekend’s 5k, yesterday I decided to go out and run for 1 hour out and 1 hour back…no specific route in mind. So, I put on the running shoes, the new water belt and set the Garmin and turned on my CharityMiles app and left the house. 

This gave me a chance to experiment with a water belt vs a handheld bottle. The water belt won hands down. The handheld is just too heavy.


When I run in the city, I run through a lot of alleys because it’s easier to pound the  macadam than pounding the pavement. The only obstacles I encounter are to very busy streets hat I need to cross to get from the north side to the south side. 
Yesterday, the weather was slightly overcast but no rain in site and it was slighltly cool..perfect weather.

After I saw that I’d been running an hour, I decided to head back home. I took a slightly different way back…lost my sense of direction and discovered I was running away from home (reminder to self: download a compass on iPod.) I got myself on the right direction and was on my way. 

When I arrived home, I looked at the Garmin and when I saved the run, it told me that I just did my longest run–6.51 miles. Now my original plan was to do a 6-miler but I changed it to the “hour-out, hour-back” plan. I actually did it in 1 hour 50 minutes. Better than I expected or hoped for.



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