Back To the Blog

It seems like ages since I wrote a blog. 

It has been a busy time at work the past few months, and it will continue to be that way until the end of the year. 

I’ve also been in a “running funk” because my normal schedule has been out of kilter since I began with a personal trainer in March. Up to then, my run schedule was Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with either Saturday or Sunday thrown. I liked having those days between as rest or cross training days. Since the trainer has me coming on Tuesdays and Fridays, it has put my rhythm off. Up to now I’ve handled it, but I really am beginning to feel overwhelmed. 

I guess I need to decide to either as him to change me to A Tuesday/Thursday schedule or either give up the strength training. 

Watch for an update. Until then, I’ll keep on running. I came to far to give it up.

4 thoughts on “Back To the Blog

  1. Tuesday/Thursday strength training. I started running Monday-Saturday either fast and short and slow and long, but on the fast and shorts day I usually do strength training like upper body on Tuesday, lower body on thursday.

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  2. My Tuesday training is leg work and my Friday training is upper body. I have very strong legs but my upper body sucks because I have shoulder problems. I do my short runs on Monday-Wednesday-Friday and a long run on the weekend.


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