Sledgehammers, Burpees, and Planks, Oh My!

For a while now, I’ve watched my gym friends participate in the gym’s Circuit Boot Camp. When my Beyond C25k Facebook group put up a “Try Something New Summer Challenge”, I decided that Boot Camp would be mine. So, for someone who is physically lazy, next to running, this was a huge step. I signed up for the 10-week session because I knew if I paid for the entire course, I would be obligated to myself. Up to then, I thought a plank was something you walked and a burpee  was what you did to a baby.

Yesterday was my second week. Last week I was sore the following day and took a “rest” day (it drove me nuts doing nothing.) I really enjoyed yesterday’s session because I got to sling the sledgehammer, and I also felt pretty good about being able to do all of the exercises (some I needed to modify due to shoulder issues.) I really loved the sledgehammer…great for the shoulders and pounding out some anger.


I learned that I can do more than I give myself credit for. Like running, I am now hooked on Boot Camp. I also like the support from the other group members and that’s what will keep me coming back.

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