I ❤️ Squats 

I love strength and weight training. I love the feeling I get when my trainer sneaks more plates on the angled leg press. I love being challenged. 

My favorite workouts are on leg day. I especially love squats. I love how strong my quads and hamstrings are getting. What was once ugly and flabby is now hard muscle. As a runner, l know that it is the quads and hamstrings are the most important part of the body. They are what carry us through our runs, so it makes sense to do everything to keep them strong and keep making them stronger.

I think another reason why I love squats is because there are so many variations:

I even find myself doing squats while performing normal household jobs such as doing dishes, vacuuming, etc. 

My earliest recollection of doing a squats was when I took ballet class and learned how to do a plié, which is basically a gracefully performed squat. I  just noticed that ‘plié ‘ is spelled incorrectly in the picture above. 

Another reason I love doing squats is 



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