Checking In

It’s been a while since I checked in here. I’ve been in a real funk mentally in the ‘running’ department.

A few weeks ago, I ran a local 5k for Halloween and probably shouldn’t have attempted it. It was cold, very windy, and I was dressed properly (should have had running tights on instead of shorts, as well as a jacket instead of a vest).

About half-way through the run, I began having asthmatic problems and chest pains (which turned out to be anxiety-related). As I tried running, my lungs were burning from the cold air and I ended up walking the last half of the run. I was the last one at the finish line (58 minutes…my worst time ever.) At least the EMTs didn’t come out looking for me. My friend, who is 96, finished about 6 minutes ahead of me. Long story short–I ended up in the Emergency Room where I received some inhalation therapy and as a precaution, they did an EKG, which showed nothing.

Jump ahead to this past weekend…I ran one of my favorite runs for the local food pantry. The run couldn’t have been anymore perfect. Again, my 96 year old friend ran/walked. He is an amazing person. He runs every Saturday, except when it is stinking hot.

My finishing time was 51:16 and Al, my friend, was about 3 minutes behind me. I met him at the finish line and I ran through it with him.

I can finally say, “I got my mojo back!”

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