Spring…A New Beginning 

After a rough winter (weather-wise and medically), I am so ready for a new beginning.

After having pneumonia, that has hung on for the past few months, I’m think I’m finally over it. 

I started retirement in February and had no trouble making the transition. I love it! 

I did a 5k a few weeks ago (against my better judgement) and ended up not finishing because I had breathing problems (still wasn’t feeling well because of the pneumonia & COPD). I was bummed about it but didn’t dwell on it. It did open my eyes to a few things:

  1. I don’t enjoy running in groups. I feel too intimidated.
  2. I need to go into these races and run for myself.
  3. At the moment, I’m enjoying weight and strength training better than running.
  4. I need to begin eating clean and more green.

That being said, I will continue running and my long-term goal is to complete a 20-week walk-run HM training program (for myself). 

My last few morning runs have been great. I have discovered that if I count from 1-100, 100-200, etc., it takes my mind off of negative thoughts and the run goes easier. Who would have thought counting as a mantra?

I also decided that I won’t pre-register for races. That way I won’t feel pressured.

I won’t ever stop running…I have 9 pairs of running shoes staring at me.

Spring….when everything old becomes new again.

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