Stepping Outside My Box

This week I marked a few milestones.

Basically, I like running alone, but recently I was invited to join the local group of Moms Run This Town/She Runs This Town. I went on my first group run this past Wednesday. It was on a local trail that I have run on often (however, I prefer pavement pounding). It happened that there were runners of all paces and I hooked up with a young mother of four who said she was run/walking due to a foot injury. That satisfied me. It was just enough for me to break the ice.We decided that we would run/walk until we saw the rest of the group coming back towards us and that would be our turnaround point. Not only were we well matched but we discovered that we had a lot more in common than just running.

By the time we got back to our starting point we racked up 5 miles. So, the ice was broken and I don’t have as much social anxiety as I thought I had. I still prefer my own company on a run, but once in a while it is probably nice to share it with someone else.

My second milestone came today when I ran my fastest 5k+ in just under 1 hour. I proved to myself that I can run faster (but no consistently). I did intervals and I loved it! Today was a PB day (few and far between but I’ll take it!) The weather would have been perfect except for a slightly strong headwind. I had to carry my cup at different times, but I kept on going.13233011_10154145469288416_4303210535400982957_n

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