Some New Revelations 

Below are some statements that I made a few blogs ago. My, oh my, how things can begin to change when you put your mi d to it:

  1. I don’t enjoy running in groups. I feel too intimidated. I joined a local group of women runners and I loved running with them. In fact, I plan on doing it again this week. Not only does it help my running, but it helps me combat my social anxiety.
  2. I need to go into these races and run for myself. I did sign up for a race in June–one which I loved doing last year because the runner peer support was so great that you came away feeling like a winner and everyone waited until the last runner/walker crossed the finish line.
  3. At the moment, I’m enjoying weight and strength training better than running. My trainer opened his own studio and brought in a rowing machine, which I love because it gives you a full body workout.
  4. I need to begin eating clean and more green. About a month ago I began using MyFitnessPal for recording my food intake and exercise. I have cut back on between meal snacking and do not eat anything past my evening meal. I’m eating more protein. Writing everything down has made me more conscious of what goes into my body. That being said, over the past month, I dropped 2.5 pounds.

Additionally, I’ve changed my running mantra (counting from 1-100) to praying and meditating  the Rosary and letting the blessed mother bring me home. So, I guess running has also helped bring me back to the Catholic church. Even though I don’t have the beads in my hand, my fingers are a good substitute.

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