Enjoying Being Outside the Box 

A few weeks ago I wrote about stepping outside my box in respect to group running. Well, I’ve gone with this group of women several times since that blog.

While I still prefer the comfort of my own company, I must admit that joining this group of women runners has had a positive effect on me in several ways:

  1. I have made new friends.
  2. I have been introduced to new places to run.
  3. It doesn’t matter to them how fast they are  or slow I am, we are all equal and I no longer feel “less than.”

Yesterday was Memorial Day and one of the women organized a run in memory/honor of fallen heroes (wear blue: run to remember). It was held at a lake that is located on a former army base, Fort Indiantown Gap, nearby where I live. It must be the best kept secret, because in all of my 68 years, I’ve never been to it. The trails are beautiful…a one-word description…SERENITY. 

I don’t know how I never knew about this. I visit the National Cemetery, which is very nearby, frequently. But, now that I do, it will be a regular stop on my running journey.

The run was great. I started with the group but left them to go their way and I went mine, meeting up with them and finishing together. I have  the best of both worlds–group running and running by myself. We all had a fallen hero that we have committed ourselves to run for. Here’s mine:

Here is a picture of the group, as well as scenes from the trail:

Tomorrow night we’re running again for Global Running Day. This time at a local park, where I run all the time. I can’t wait! I’ve been bitten by the “group running bug.”

My next jump outside the box: Improving my speed and Intervals 

Stay tuned…….

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