Don’t Leave Five Minutes Before the Miracle Happens

Today, I finally redeemed myself from being a “did not finisher” to not only finishing, but placing 3rd in my age group.

The run was a 5k trail run (no easy feat for a pavement pounder). It was brutal at times, going through woods, where it was single file, having to encounter logs that had come down during a recent storm. Most of it was on grass when it wasn’t on the trail. It was hot, the temps were slowly climbing to the 90’s.

My past two races I could not finish because of medical problems (pneumonia/COPD). This race was a spur of the moment thing, having only registered a few days ago.

I’ve been training more consistently in the past 45 days; joined a women’s running group; and have been adding distance to my daily runs. I’ve started doing intervals, too. I think all of this has helped me with today’s run.

So, I began this week as a winner and I have another 5k this coming Saturday and I’m feeling very confident about it.

I wasn’t even going to wait around for any awards today, but my friend, Becca, wanted to meet the organizer of the race.

Ironically, the race was called, “Challenging the Warrior Within”. Prior to it, we were encouraged to share our running story: how we began running, why we began, how it has helped us, etc.  I submitted mine and while I was standing by myself, the organizer approached me and said, “Are you Ginny?” I was surprised and confirmed that it was me. She said she just had a feeling that it was me and told me that my story moved her so much and would I mind sharing it. I told her that I would. 


I’m a recovered addict, and in the 12-step program there is a phrase, “Don’t leave before the miracle happens.” I’m glad I didn’t leave and stayed around for the awards.

I will share my story in my next blog.

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