One of My Best Runs Yet

When I could no longer lie in bed this morning, I decided there was only one thing to do…Lace Up And Run!

So, I set out with no destination in mind…just run…no set distance or time. So I put on the headphones, started my run app, as well as my Garmin and set off.

In no time at all, I was across town and heading out towards my favorite store, the  “Toys R Us” for adults aka Home Depot.

I was running consistently, only walking to cross over busy intersections. At the point when the lady on the MapMyRun app told me I was at 3 miles, I decided I better head towards home.

I was a few blocks from my house when she told me I had hit the 4 mile mark, and I thought to myself “you have it in you to get another half mile in you, go for it.” Not only did I go for it, but I ran for a total of 4.62 miles in about 1:25:01, keeping a consistent 18:00 min pace.


I didn’t feel tired and felt that I probably could have pushed myself to do another 2 miles.

I proved to myself that I can run without walking and am not going to die doing it. I’ve also been babying myself and making excuses….NO MORE!

To top this off, today is my day for leg training with the trainer and then I’m meeting friends for a group run at a local park. Tomorrow will DEFINITELY be a rest day (until Boot Camp in the evening.)

I have a 5k on Saturday that I am feeling more than confident about.

In the words of James Brown, “I feel good!”

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