What a 60-day Run Streak Taught Me

This past Saturday, my #60dayrunchallenge” aka #MilesForSARCC  came to an end. My initial goal was to run 2 miles a day, but it got a little more real and out of control and 211 miles and 60 days later, I learned and discovered:

1. I’m capable of much more than I give myself credit for.
2. I have an over abundance of friends and family, who, without their love and support, I couldn’t have done this. (“It takes a village.” Hilary Clinton) Thanks, everyone!
3. I can go the distance, and it hasn’t killed me…no more 3 mile limits.
4. I love trail running more than pavement pounding.
5. I got my first pair of trail shoes.
6. I want to do more than a 5k or 10k race
7. I learned how to use the video function on my phone.
8. I learned how to do a Facebook Live video. (Keep watching this spot. 😀👍)
9. I learned the importance of keeping hydrated during this hot and humid days and now I don’t do runs without my hydration pack.
10. I discovered new trails and running routes.
11. I’m learning to like hills…not ready for the “L” word yet.
12. Running can be a solo activity or teamwork and sometimes both at the same time.
13. Joining a great running group (Lebanon County PA, Moms/She Runs This Town) is everything. Peer support at it’s finest. Thank you ladies!
14. My pace per mile has improved by about 1 minute. I can now do a 17-18 minute mile.

There are probably more things that I will realize after I post this, but my future plans is to a week to regroup and then begin preparing for my 10k Across the Chesapeake Bay, in November, and also start training for a half-marathon (my goal for 2017.)

I know that anything I do is because of God’s will and my determination.


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