Same Journey but Different Path

Today, after spending the past month working on getting my level of running back up (almost) to where it was before I got injured last September, I started my training for a half-marathon.

I am following a personalized program on My Fitness Pal. I decided that since I have no particular race in mind, I would set it up for at least 4-5 months of slow training, as recommended by my pain specialist.

I recently did an 8-day mini-runstreak, and I knew that I was ready and able to handle it.

My end goal is to run a HM on or shortly after my 70th birthday in 2018. I’m up for the challenge. So, between now and then I’ll continue with my running, strength training, and Boot Camp.

I decided that all my training runs will be dedicated to my new grand-niece, Lillian Ann. I actually wanted to wait until she was born before I began the program and she was born 2 days ago…it couldn’t have been timed more perfectly.


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